Course Feedback for Pain Management Study Day

5 star review - By Hannah John on 16 Feb 2018

i think the course was excellent, was given great knowledge about pain and pain management. I would hope that that there would be different levels of pain course like beginners, immediate and advanced. It was a good course and the handouts were excellent as a resource. I wish this good was available to students and HCAs.

5 star review - By RICA BARROA on 16 Feb 2018

very informative

5 star review - By Ana Dias on 15 Feb 2018

5 star review - By Yodit Asefa on 12 Feb 2018

5 star review - By Irina Anemona Samoila on 05 Feb 2018

5 star review - By Grima Imperio on 22 Jan 2018

4 star review - By DARRYL HOSEIN on 22 Jan 2018

Its a good course for an update/refresher on pain management or if you are new to this topic. The morning session was based on theoretical aspects and the afternoon was about Patient controlled analgesia(PCA) and is relevant for those who look after patients with this pain control method. The lecturer was very good and the session very enjoyable and informative.

5 star review - By Ndabezinhle Ndlovu on 04 Jan 2018

The course was relevant and excellent however, the room was not suitable for learning purposes. The temperature was below room level and it was uncomfortable to learn in such environment.

4 star review - By Francis Llana on 01 Jan 2018

The course was useful in my everyday practice.

4 star review - By Susan Murray on 27 Dec 2017

5 star review - By Hongai Xu on 26 Dec 2017

excellent opportunity to attend this study , good instruction and explanation on pain assessment , and good demonstration on PCA device.

5 star review - By Hongai Xu on 26 Dec 2017

excellent opportunity to attend this study , good instruction and explanation on pain assessment , and good demonstration on PCA device.

5 star review - By alice curtis on 23 Dec 2017

Very interesting course content and well presented. Thank you for the lecture.

4 star review - By hope otote on 03 Dec 2017

Venue was not easy for me

4 star review - By Sharon Page on 30 Nov 2017

The course was good as it was well presented it improves my knowledge and skill on how to better assess and manage my patients when the are having pain

4 star review - By SABRINA LICHIN CHUNG on 24 Nov 2017

informative and interactive session

5 star review - By Charity Bonsu on 23 Nov 2017

The pain course was highly educative especially having the chance to learn more about the PCA pump.

4 star review - By marian ali on 21 Nov 2017

5 star review - By Barry Martin on 20 Nov 2017

I attended this course on instruction of my ward manager and I now encourage any of our new starters to book on. It really does help you better understand your patients and promotes the importance of ensuring your patients are pain free and the best method to ensure this. Could not recommend this study day enough.

4 star review - By CIMI CHACKO THIRUVALLA VEEDU on 19 Nov 2017

quite helpful

4 star review - By Anandini Khumanthem on 18 Nov 2017

5 star review - By Hollie Everett on 18 Nov 2017

Very informative and information very well delivered. Was engaging and enjoyable throughout the whole session, the lecturer was brilliant!

4 star review - By jeanne leong on 18 Nov 2017

Good way to refresh our skills and knowledge and update on anything new regarding pain management

5 star review - By MARCELINA CAIDOY on 18 Nov 2017

Its very useful.The speaker is good and organize thou he was just there as replacement. I have learnt and refresh my knowledge. I could use it to reflect on my revalidation.

4 star review - By Martina Zurli on 18 Nov 2017

very good explanations

4 star review - By MOBOLAJI SHOROYE on 17 Nov 2017

Well organised and taught well.

5 star review - By Agnes Chua on 17 Nov 2017

Gill is such a good speaker and I truly enjoyed the day

5 star review - By Sheetal Thapaliya on 17 Nov 2017

Course content was very in-depth, which allows us to understand its physiology. This types of course should run frequently

5 star review - By Arjale Joseph Delfinado on 17 Nov 2017

Concise, direct to the point and easy to understand

4 star review - By Sarah Khan on 17 Nov 2017

very informative

4 star review - By Jocelyn Nermal on 16 Nov 2017

Interesting and Knowledgeable course,

4 star review - By RADHIKA SALMAN MERCHANT on 15 Nov 2017

very well organised, great class, superb content and well prsesnted

5 star review - By chuzu goretti on 14 Nov 2017

5 star review - By Heather Brown Stephens on 06 Sep 2017

This course gives a clear understanding of pain management. it was helpful in helping me to care for patients in pain.

5 star review - By Zuzana Smolkova on 06 Sep 2017

Great course, many interesting knowledge, awesome lector

5 star review - By juliet Chanayil on 04 Sep 2017

5 star review - By Krista Hampson on 02 Sep 2017

Found the study day really informative and interesting. Enjoyed the entire day. Wish there was a little bit more time to go through different types of pain medication as we were having great discussions as a whole which had to be cut short due to lack of time

4 star review - By myungsoon lee on 01 Sep 2017

it was very good to know about it

5 star review - By Ingrid Royle on 01 Sep 2017

Excellent. Was very impressed with the lecturer. Would recommend this happily to others interested in learning more about pain relief and updating their knowledge

5 star review - By Camelia Caza on 21 Aug 2017

I have enjoyed very much this course and was very interesting and very well presented I had a lot to learn from this course

5 star review - By Maria Jesus Nunes on 21 Aug 2017

Very useful and important Excellent trainer

4 star review - By christina antoniadi on 13 Aug 2017

I found the course to be very interesting, even the parts I don't directly work with. I would love if more information about the selection of medication and the appropriate mix of medication could be provided

5 star review - By Ana Rebelo on 12 Aug 2017

5 star review - By Elena Nicale on 11 Aug 2017

Very well presented course. Example very useful. I would certainly recommend it.

5 star review - By Eileen Naughton on 07 Aug 2017

Excellent presentation of pain management. Good interaction with others. Really enjoyed this course and learnt alot.

5 star review - By Avril Schwarcz on 11 Jul 2017

Very informative and educational backed with ample evidence base

5 star review - By Ruby Pelopero on 09 Jul 2017

5 star review - By Sandra Borges Da Veiga on 09 Jul 2017

2 star review - By Madhawi Thapa on 09 Jul 2017

5 star review - By Madhawi Thapa on 09 Jul 2017

5 star review - By Chenika Goldson on 07 Jul 2017

I really enjoyed the Pain Study Day. I hope that in the future they do more frequent Pain Study Days so more colleagues can attend.

4 star review - By Natalie Constant on 07 Jul 2017

5 star review - By Donna St Clair on 06 Jul 2017

5 star review - By Vinsamma Mathew on 06 Jul 2017

5 star review - By lieketseng miriam noosi on 26 Jun 2017

the course was very interesting especially the anatomy part about the pain transmission along the nerve root and the brain and the management I have learn a lot and grateful to have attended the course

5 star review - By Johanna Icawalo on 22 Jun 2017

The most enjoyable and very informative course I have ever attended. Jill is an excellent lecturer, funny, knowledgeable.

4 star review - By Shushma Gurung on 20 Jun 2017

Very interesting , refreshing and enlightening.

5 star review - By Ms Douse on 07 Jun 2017

Lecturer was brilliant . Very good course.

4 star review - By SHIRLY GAMBOA on 05 Jun 2017

5 star review - By Alba Cuesta Hoces on 01 Jun 2017

The content and materials were excellent. The teacher gave us information up-to-date and the dynamic of the course was very easy to follow. I learnt a lot! Congratulations.

5 star review - By abbass hakam on 01 Jun 2017

5 star review - By Jaissa Princess Castada on 14 Dec 2016

The lecturer was very friendly and approachable. Her teaching was concise and up-to-date, and it's a good way to keep myself updated within the clinical practice. Thank you.

4 star review - By Tinimol John on 05 Dec 2016

The pain study day was very useful for me to improve my knowledge to control the pain in our patients.Eventhough the study day was in very short time we all learned a lot.

5 star review - By Lorenzo Pilastri on 01 Dec 2016

Everyone involved in the care of any kind of patients should attend this course

5 star review - By liezle balais on 24 Nov 2016

very good

5 star review - By Nikki Guiamsay on 09 Mar 2016

Very informative and relevant to current nursing practice in the ward

5 star review - By Aaron Gallo on 09 Mar 2016

5 star review - By Marian Joven on 09 Mar 2016

5 star review - By Marcia Monteiro on 27 Oct 2015

Excellent knowledge opportunity.

5 star review - By corazon ruiz on 24 Oct 2015

very informative, all needed information discussed and explained by the lecturer. The lecturer is kind and helpful. I will recommend the study to all of the staff where I work.

5 star review - By moly james on 23 Oct 2015

5 star review - By SABRINA LICHIN CHUNG on 22 Oct 2015

Great study day! Lecturer was brilliant! excellent delivery of course content - never a dull moment with Gillian!

5 star review - By Kathryn Longmuir on 21 Oct 2015

I thought the course was very informative and interesting, however it was very adult patient oriented- I was the only paediatric nurse and felt that the lecture didn't include children as much as it could of. Would recommend

5 star review - By Ciara Hayes on 21 Oct 2015

Very good course, very informative and helpful! Learnt a lot from the content of the course which was delivered in a very efficient way.

5 star review - By Maria Teresa Lavapie on 21 Oct 2015

Knows her subject very well. She made the topic lively and not boring. Yearly, I have been attending the update but nothing bores me whe she is the lecturer.

4 star review - By Elvira Del Valle Cenizo on 21 Oct 2015

Very good quality of the contents. Presentation need updates and could include slides/drawings of the nerve transmission and pharmacocitenics of the drugs approached. Well done for the videos. Please remember to update the printed presentation that you provide, some of the sections were plain. Good interaction. Could include more practise. Overall very good study day. Thank you!

4 star review - By claire nugent on 21 Oct 2015


5 star review - By Immaculada Garcia on 21 Oct 2015

In my opinion the lecture was well documented, with lot of knowledge and supported with a proper explanation and hangouts. I feel it very interested and very useful for my professional development.

5 star review - By Charlotte Ruff on 11 Aug 2015

A fantastic course - informative and at pitched at exactly the right academic level for myself.

5 star review - By Sally Thomas on 10 Aug 2015

I enjoyed the ,it was very good.

5 star review - By Jose paulo Papa on 10 Jul 2015

4 star review - By Manju Nair on 08 Jul 2015

Very useful study day,very informative.

5 star review - By Susanne Cathcart on 02 Jun 2015

5 star review - By GIFTY TUMFO on 02 Jun 2015

Presentation material and style excellent.

4 star review - By Francia Vedad on 29 May 2015

This course is very good but I wish the course is not for one day as it is so much to learn. Perhaps 2 days are good for this course.

5 star review - By Shukri Mohamed on 28 May 2015

5 star review - By Agnese Filocamo on 27 May 2015

Pain Management course has been excellent, interesting and useful. I recomend it to every nurse.

5 star review - By Abiodun Sokalu on 27 May 2015

I'm now better equiped to nurse patients with pain rather than labelling patients because of their behaviour or history. There was no dull moment all day. Every statement was a new pain management and learning for me. The presenter was excellent and experienced. I had a very good "pain management" day

5 star review - By JOYCELYN FERNANDEZ on 27 May 2015

Excellent study day. Very informative, educational. Balanced with visuals, flow of the study day is easy to follow. Excellent job well done.

5 star review - By Daniel Bahta on 26 May 2015

The topic of the course seems simple but you learn a lot more.

5 star review - By wildamarie mago on 26 May 2015

The lecturer was very effective, and the course content was very interesting and useful in our role. Will recommend this course to my colleagues.

4 star review - By Benjamin Lodge on 26 May 2015

good presenter, knowledgeable and engaging

4 star review - By Manelyn Joy Santiago on 26 May 2015

4 star review - By Lopez Melinda on 04 May 2015

5 star review - By Sara Hibbard on 02 May 2015

5 star review - By Robert Miazek on 30 Apr 2015

5 star review - By susan thompson on 30 Apr 2015

excellent presentation.

5 star review - By Tim Lamb on 29 Apr 2015

A fantastic course which I will reccomend to call of my collegues. Gill is very engaging and passionate about the subject material.

5 star review - By jurate buividaite on 29 Apr 2015

5 star review - By Shirley Dowden on 29 Apr 2015

Excellent course trainer and content very relevant.

5 star review - By Sarah Kamara on 18 Mar 2015

very informative, it has given me a whole new approach in managing my patients pain

4 star review - By ISMAEL NAVARRETE ZORRILLA on 16 Mar 2015

4 star review - By melba mantiles on 11 Mar 2015

A lot of information we learned.

5 star review - By Donna St Clair on 08 Mar 2015

very insightful day glad I went I attend the pain study day every year.

5 star review - By carla clement on 04 Mar 2015

I went on this course with a good knowledge of the drugs used by my clients. I got an excellent wealth of knowledge from my tutor who made the course easy to understand and interesting. She also made me understand the reasoning for quick referrals to pain clinic which can be beneficial to both patient and staff.

5 star review - By PAUL DARE on 03 Mar 2015

It was a very educative and practical session..I enjoyed every bit of the day

4 star review - By Emmanuel Galvez on 17 Feb 2015

Study was very helpful In my current area lf practice

5 star review - By sophia ann-marie Anderson on 30 Jan 2015

The day was really well put together. The information given throughout the day was very useful and delivered in a way that was easy to understand.

5 star review - By Anil Sharma on 23 Jan 2015

I rate the overall day as excellent. I thought the presenters knowledge, experience and passsion contributed significantly to my rating. I have recommended this day to other nurses on my Unit. Many thanks

5 star review - By Sally Sampson on 23 Jan 2015

Excellent course. My only observation was that the presenter was talking to nurses only. The involvement of AHPS was not obviously valued

5 star review - By Caoimhe O'Dwyer on 23 Jan 2015

Really good day, excellent content, feel I can effectively manage pts pain now

5 star review - By Desiree Carmona on 23 Jan 2015

The pain study course was quite informative.More study days to come.

5 star review - By Anna Holding on 23 Jan 2015

Very informative and useful for patients care. Excellent sessions

5 star review - By Jo-Anne Labao on 22 Jan 2015

I will definitely recommend all staff to do this course. The speaker did excellent.

5 star review - By Emilia Bodzak on 22 Jan 2015

This course developed my knowledge about the pain in general, refreshed my knowlegde about Patient Controlled Analgesia and how it should be used properly. The knowledge was provided in very intresting manner. I really appreciate this study day and I hope to pass some of this knowledge to my team.