Course Feedback for Excel at Excel, Beginners (am) OR Intermediate (pm)

4 star review - By Jegatheeswaran UTHTHAMAPUTHIRAN on 12 Feb 2018

Well structured session, could benefit from hands on practice during the session.

5 star review - By Shaheeda Bernard on 12 Feb 2018

I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from it, thank you.

5 star review - By dawn morrison on 12 Feb 2018

The Course teacher was very good explained things very well and included everyone in the lesson to what they needed in there day to day life and help them in there job role. Could make the lesson a bit longer.

5 star review - By Chi-Man Wong on 09 Feb 2018

Very informative and useful tips and tricks provided. Looking forward to the next session.

5 star review - By JACQUELINE CHAPMAN on 08 Feb 2018

Still using the tips and tricks learnt on the day. So simple but so effective especially as I have to concentrate all day on Spreadsheets and my eyes are not brilliant. Really enjoyable course and look forward to going on another one with this tutor. She's amazing!!

4 star review - By Shukri Sheikh-Dahir on 08 Feb 2018

5 star review - By Harjinder Chaggar on 08 Feb 2018

Excellent course. It was suggested that we should attend again as other topics can be covered.

5 star review - By jackie dalton on 08 Feb 2018

very clear and understanding course

4 star review - By Natasha Jarvis on 03 Jan 2018

Excellent coach, very interactive :-)

5 star review - By Shaheeda Bernard on 28 Dec 2017

The Facilitator was fantastic and very knowledgeable. Thank you

3 star review - By Alyson Hope on 27 Dec 2017

It's not ideal to have a course on Excel that is delivered only by PowerPoint with no practical application as no computers were available. The promised slides of what was covered on the course never materialised.

4 star review - By Paula Monteiro on 30 Oct 2017

3 star review - By maria brown on 27 Oct 2017


4 star review - By maria brown on 27 Oct 2017


4 star review - By Lucinda Hetherington on 27 Oct 2017

Really useful.

4 star review - By Ahlam Ali on 26 Oct 2017

4 star review - By Cathy Buckley on 26 Oct 2017

It was a good course but I did not realize it was tips and not computer based. However, I found a lot of the tips very useful

5 star review - By Chris McMahon on 26 Oct 2017

I thought the course was very interesting and helpful to those who are just starting to use Excel. The shortcuts were also useful to all users.

4 star review - By eunjin hyun on 26 Oct 2017

Such a useful course. It would be good to attend other Microsoft courses, if there is any courses.

4 star review - By Ahlam Ali on 26 Oct 2017

4 star review - By Ahlam Ali on 26 Oct 2017

4 star review - By Cathy Buckley on 26 Oct 2017

I thought it was going to be a computer based course but it was not. However, I got a lot of useful tips for the system think I will ask my on-line manager to get e-learning excel. Also I would advise staff not to do the AM/PM class that I done as it is too much in one session. I would recommend the course to people as a prelude to the on-line e-learning as it is proving useful

4 star review - By Jegatheeswaran UTHTHAMAPUTHIRAN on 02 Oct 2017

I attended the intermediate course, it was well structured and delivered by a very Knowledgeable tutor.

5 star review - By Regina Storch on 29 Sep 2017

4 star review - By Marco Gois on 29 Sep 2017

Javinder was brilliant. Honestly a lot of tips and tricks that will genuinely save you time everyday when using Excel. It's a shame we did not have a pc to practice some of the more complicated processes which are hard to pick up by just watching on the projector.

5 star review - By Marco Gois on 29 Sep 2017

Javinder was brilliant. Honestly a lot of tips and tricks that will genuinely save you time everyday when using Excel.

4 star review - By LUCIA HEATH on 29 Sep 2017

A very good course with a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker/presenter. I would strongly recommend having PCs available and course notes handed out as it is crucial to try and have a go at things presented to us.

4 star review - By Marie Cheers on 29 Sep 2017

The AM Beginners class was very informative and instructor was good at delivering the class. The PM class I felt was a bit repetitive, I think this was due to some staff being on the wrong course

5 star review - By Suliet Oladokun on 29 Sep 2017

Very informative and interesting. Would recommend that people on the course get the chance to get out their seat and move and more towards the end of the day. Just to maintain their focus.

5 star review - By Tanya Russell on 10 Jul 2017

I thought I was intermediate but clearly not, this maybe due to the fact I do not use the package extensively so it would be good if there were more bite size courses. I found it extremely useful learning about tricks and tips and short cuts keys. To retain the knowledge it would be good if hand-outs are given especially if the trainers know people ask about the same things in every session such as popular short cuts keys, formulas etc..I personally like hands on training using PC.

5 star review - By CARMEL WOOD on 06 Jul 2017

What a gem of a course! A must for anyone struggling with the nuances of Excel. Hints and tips for people new to Excel and also for more experienced users. Course tutor is really help and enthusiastic. Great course!

5 star review - By Shirley McDowell on 06 Jul 2017

Experienced and approachable tutor delivering a very interesting session with many hints and tips to help organise data when using Excel spread sheets. Lots of information to take in but, a “must do” session for all those who would like to work more efficiently with data and reporting.

5 star review - By Voke Salmon on 05 Jul 2017

Loved the course and the way it progressed -would highly recommend to all my team members

5 star review - By Voke Salmon on 05 Jul 2017

Really change the way I work - very useful tips

5 star review - By Wendy McGurk on 05 Jul 2017

4 star review - By ADRIENNE MOTT on 05 Jul 2017

Very worthwhile course full of good tips. There should be more of these courses available for staff to improve their efficiency in using excel. My only criticism would be that there was no hand-out available for future reference.

4 star review - By Ewa Pacult on 05 Jul 2017

5 star review - By Moira Marks on 29 Mar 2017

Wish I could have had this session years ago. and now realise I would benefit from even more such events! Publicise them, put them on- it would help SO much with our work. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Excellent presenter. Highly recommended!!

4 star review - By Yohani Ratnasinghe on 28 Mar 2017

Enjoyed the course, however I felt that I had booked in to the wrong course. Javinder made the afternoon enjoyable with her Hot tips and banter. Very good if you are a complete beginner.

5 star review - By Martin Braithwaite on 28 Mar 2017

Excellent course. Highly recommended for people using Excel at beginner or intermediate level

4 star review - By Amna Abdallah on 28 Mar 2017

the course was helpful and useful for me as from time to time I was asked to create a rota and I was not able to do that!. now I feel very confident

5 star review - By anna mulligan on 03 Mar 2017

very informative,excellent teacher

5 star review - By Najma Ahmed on 09 Feb 2017

Covered everything I wanted to know about and the trainer was very good.

5 star review - By gillian waite on 08 Feb 2017

I enjoy the presentation style I have been on both the basic and intermediate. Both very appropriate and relevant courses for my needs. Would like more frequency with the courses. Glad I was put on even though Yodel said it was full. Would really appreciate email etiquette course to help with reducing my work load in that.

5 star review - By Claudette Bholdhoo on 08 Feb 2017

The tutor was excellent. She was very clear, went at a steady pace and was didn't mind when some of us were unclear and went through it again. The morning flew by quickly it was that good and I managed to pick up valuable tips re excel.

4 star review - By Fearon Valerie on 07 Feb 2017

The course was very good. but would have been more appropriate to have a computer, and also the course should be more than just a day.

4 star review - By Fearon Valerie on 07 Feb 2017

The course was very good. but would have been more appropriate to have a computer, and also the course should be more than just a day.

5 star review - By janet gururaj on 07 Feb 2017

5 star review - By Eszter Gyimesi on 07 Feb 2017

Javinder is great, she's engaging and makes sure the course stays interesting throughout.

5 star review - By Ruth Brooks on 06 Feb 2017

Instructor was very good. She tailored the course to the needs of those attending the course. Would recommend anyone who uses Excel on a regular basis to attend this course as the tips she shared are really useful and could save you time and even make you more effective in your job.

4 star review - By wael nour on 06 Feb 2017

instructor very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, more activity examples that relates to the work environment we are in would be great

5 star review - By Nada Nonkovic on 03 Feb 2017

I found the course extremely helpful and I have recommended it to my colleagues

5 star review - By BEV NICOL on 03 Feb 2017

valuable course with huge potential with my current workload. at a good pace and well presented, Jarvinder is an excellent tutor taking time to listen and work within staff work remits Over heard projector was adequate but the room is slightly dated and not best ventilated

5 star review - By Zoe Bergin on 03 Feb 2017

This was excellent, well presented and delivered and I felt I had learnt a lot but could have learnt alot more. Javinder was brilliant and I look forward to attending more of her courses.

4 star review - By Rose Dye on 03 Feb 2017

Javinder was really good. I picked up a lot of tips. But would not recommend doing AM and PM Excel on the same day. Too long sitting in one place all day. Room was very warm and uncomfortable. Would have been nice to use PCS to try out new tips.

2 star review - By kathyann benn ifill on 03 Feb 2017

this course would have been better if computers were provided. for hand on.

4 star review - By ANNAH TAVENGAHAMA on 03 Jan 2017

Best carried out in an IT room. Access to a computer is essential.

4 star review - By Shianne Gerald on 03 Jan 2017

This was a good course, learnt new tips and tricks with using excel

5 star review - By Johanna Rueffer on 29 Dec 2016

Marvelous course! My only regret is that I did not attend the basic course first. Learnt so many new skills though, which I've certainly put into practice.

4 star review - By Needaa Nazir on 29 Dec 2016

4 star review - By Polly Sandhu on 28 Dec 2016

It was good, however there was insufficient time to really learn some of the excel information as the course tutor was going fast to complete the agenda. it would have been good if there was a smaller class and PCs available to learn with.

3 star review - By Louisa Tawiah on 28 Dec 2016

Wish there was computers so I could apply the knowledge practically! Tutor very good easy to understand theory.

5 star review - By Pamella Jacobs on 23 Dec 2016

5 star review - By Sandra Grosso on 22 Dec 2016

I have completed the basic Excel at Excel course- which was outstanding. Clear, excellent trainer and fun too! Thank you

4 star review - By monique mangondo on 22 Dec 2016

4 star review - By Claire Abalos on 22 Dec 2016

I have attended the excel, Basic am and I've learnt a lot even though the session only took half a day. Some tricks that were shown to us are very helpful for me as I work on the spread sheet on a daily basis. And I would like to come and attend for the intermediate training if this will come up again next year.

3 star review - By Reisha Heisfeld on 20 Oct 2016

4 star review - By Abdikadar Farah on 19 Oct 2016

Overall, the course was really useful, but it would have been much better if it was divided into basic groups and more advanced groups.

2 star review - By Linda Wildridge on 19 Oct 2016

didn't cover anything I wanted to learn; main focus was on pivot tables. I wanted info on formulas, analyse IT and formatting

3 star review - By Ayan Saeed on 19 Oct 2016

5 star review - By Sally El-Kashef on 19 Oct 2016

The teaching was great but I wish it would have been a full day and with monitors so we could show some of the problems we have with our spread sheets etc... and that way it would have been even more tailored to our needs.

4 star review - By Jackie Lewis on 19 Oct 2016

was very pleased with the course just wish it was for longer so much you can learn need much more time

5 star review - By Julie Garneau on 18 Oct 2016

very useful and helpful course for people new to using excel instructor is great and easy to understand

4 star review - By Deborah O'Rourke on 22 Aug 2016

Pace was a bit too fast due to the previous course running into this one. Useful tips, I would recommend this course

5 star review - By Agnieszka alachowska on 18 Aug 2016

I found the course very useful

5 star review - By Agnieszka alachowska on 18 Aug 2016

I found the course very useful and informative.

2 star review - By tina pritchard on 17 Aug 2016

it was a course on excel but there were no computers so it was a long day of sitting and listening I was going to leave and rebook but was told it would be good to stay but did not find it helpful.

4 star review - By Michelle Lewis on 11 Aug 2016

Would be better if you had PC's/Laptops so you can do practical training with a little test at the end. Also we should get a certificate

5 star review - By Natalie Claber on 10 Aug 2016

I thought the course was very good especially for beginners at excel. However, it would be best to have courses based on excel ability as I had more advanced knowledge than the rest of the group. It would also be helpful to hold the course in a computer room to practice.